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"In music, the joy of existence enters one ear and leaves through the other"

Otto Stoessl (1875 - 1936)

 Danish poet and writer


Duo with Jasmin Gundermann

Stylish, virtuosic, passionate, or tender...

The Duo Gundermann- Cavalcante offers a large repertoire from jazz to pop to Latin and classical. Jasmin Gundermann (saxophone, flute) and Fabricio Cavalcante (acoustic guitar) are enthusiastic musicians with a wealth of experience and sensitivity. Whether dynamic classical music, upbeat jazz standards, or groovy soul and pop numbers - the two professional musicians feel at home in many genres and create with their music an atmosphere that enchants your audience.



Jasmin Gundermann website

Carimbeira project

The Carimberia Project has the goal to connect the Capoeira world and its rhythms with the rhythms of the Amazon region of Belém do Pará in the north of Brazil.  Another goal is to make the culture of the Amazon region known here in Europe, especially here in Germany. It is a rich, diverse culture, but one that is still largely unknown here, not least among the Brazilians who live here. The project also has partnerships and special participation with excellent references of Amazonian culture in Brazil and in Europe. 

It is an experimental work that creates links between the sounds of the drums of Amazonia and the sonority and musicality that we find in capoeira. This project was created by: Fabio Araújo Fernandes (Hiena Capoeira), general percussionist, researcher and capoeira teacher; the musician Fabricio Cavalcante, arranger, composer, he plays classical guitar with passion.


Carimbeira project page

Karl Maria Beneman & The Tantric Singing Circle

Karl Maria Beneman in his program "Laserlieder" presents German-language pieces, which discuss with much wit and irony social grievances, denounce the common mischief, and take up everyday trivialities, in order to lead them afterward ad absurdum. He is supported by the incredible Party-Schorsch on bass, as well as the tantric vocal circle in the background, which sweetens the songs with a certain tantric touch.

Karl Maria Beneman aka. Beneman MC aka. King Kool Beneman has been touring the club and concert landscape of the German-speaking world for 10 years with various projects and formations.

Karl Maria Beneman project page


The guitar duo of the Argentine guitarist Juan Rosso and Fabricio Cavalcante plays a repertoire of popular compositions from Argentina, Brazil, and Latin America. The project thrives on its own arrangements with a focus on guitar playing and vocals.

Bailongo project page

Fyah T & Next Generation Family

Studio recordings of mandolin and keyboard for the album production "The real rebellious" by "Fyah T & Next Generation Family", Munich, 2016.


Fyah T website

Likkle Lion & Prince Alla

Studio recording of melodica for the production "Stronger" by Likkle Lion & Prince Alla, Munich, 2020.


Likkle Lion website

Cantares (Brazilian Choir)

Studio recording for the album production "No 3" and live concerts as guitarist and bass vocals in the choir.









Cantares website


Guitar version of "Perhaps Perhaps" (Quizás) for the video promo of the circus spectacle  "Da Cosa nasce Cosa" by Elisa Zanlari (Circo Puntino).      


Elisa Zanlari website

Palo Santo  Album Perro Callejero.jpeg
Palo Santo

Guitar, melodica, and keyboard recordings for the album "Perro Callejero".



Palo Santo website

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