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"Beauty has the same magical power as music, which so often seems to reveal to us the noble secrets of unknown heavens"

Giacomo Leopardi (1798 - 1837)

Italian poet, essayist and philologist


Born in 1983 in Belem do Para, northern Brazil. At the age of eight, he began studying piano at the Carlos Gomez Conservatory, followed by classical guitar at the age of ten. In addition to his commitment as an instrumentalist, he is also a successful composer.
He has composed works for theatrical performances for over ten years, the music for the documentary film "Eretz Amazonia - Jews in Amazonia" as well as countless soundtracks for commercial television advertisements. In 2007 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in classical guitar under Professor Sidney Molina.

In 2009 he began teaching classical guitar at the Carlos Gomez Conservatory. In the same year, he participated in a television program on the TV Cultura channel called "Fabricio Cavalcante e convidados", in which he presented his own compositions in an ensemble with guest musicians.

In 2010 Fabricio came to Germany to continue his studies. He accompanies the singers of the well-known Brazilian choir Cantares, plays the seven-sided guitar in the choral group Choro Alegre, gives solo concerts, and performs with a wide variety of bands and musicians. In 2011, he participated in the tour of the rock band "Lukas Cesar Expedition", which took him through Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. In 2013 completed his master's degree in classical guitar with Prof. Thomas Königs at the University of Music in Nuremberg.

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